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Packers and Movers in Chandanagar

Packer and Movers will help you with the best services from Packing in your old home to unpacking in your new home in Chandanagar. Say tata to tensions of breakables item, too heavy to carry and any other unplanned packing. Your time is important to your family, we will pack and carry your luggage you just enjoy the new beginning with a new house.

Best Packers and Movers in Chandanagar

Packing and moving are not an easy thing to do yourself, we provide everything for easy and happy relocation. Our clients have always access packing lists, point in customers minds are always kept in our priority, how we pack your luggage videos, furniture and cartons, and everything for a safe relocation, simple and entrancing.

What We Offer in Packing:

  • Fully safe to luggage and carton.
  • Timely pickup and delivery.
  • Good quality carton.
  • Best skilled Packers and Movers.
  • Best Transport vehicles like Tata 407

From Where to Start in Relocation by Yourself?

When starting your shifting from old to new house many customers are not worried about small cartons. If you are going to pack yourself, make sure to have all packing goods like paddings, wraps, moving car, tons, tapes, and others. If you don’t have time for packing, just call us.

Step One to a happy and Safe Relocation is packing

In the field of Packers and Movers Companies, we are best known for small details, knowing and fulfilling the needs of customers, and for small deadlines works.
We use more than 30 types of cartons for different things. If you want to pack yourself then you need at least this list to pack your luggage

  • Small cartons;
  • Medium cartons;
  • Large cartons;
  • Extra-large cartons;
  • Indrustial use cartons;
  • Furniture pad;
  • Glass dish protection packs;
  • Tv carton with three-layer protection;
  • Mirror carton with three-layer protection;
  • Moving blankets;
  • Mattress and furniture covers;
  • Protective foams;
  • Packing tapes and dispensers.

Tailored Carton to fit your Furniture

In the case of office relocation, you have many special furniture and equipment. We always have these cartons to carry your needs.

  • Wardrobe carton
  • Electronic carton
  • White cuter mailers
  • Tote carton
  • Envelope carton
  • Two pieces file carton
  • One-piece file carton

Customized Cartons for your special luggage

Get a specially customized carton for your special local or interstate shifting.


  • 100% satisfaction.
  • On-time pickup and delivery.
  • Durable packing materials.
  • Skilled and professional packers and movers.

Customized carton to fit your furniture

If your office has special equipment, we can always prepare on-request custom cartons just for them to ensure the safe delivery of your equipment.

Wardrobe boxes

  • Electronic boxes
  • White cuter mailers
  • Tote boxes
  • Envelope boxes
  • Two pieces of a file box
  • One-piece file box

Tailor-made crates for your valuables

Get specially tailored packaging for your local or long distance move with our professional packing services.


We provide you with the best packing services and not only packing, but we also provide you a different option in packing.

Full Packing — In full packing services we provide you everything you need for your home. We pack and unpack everything with our hands. Not only that in this package we give full moving insurance.

Partial Packing — We know that some customers know how to pack their belongings well. For them, we provide a partial Packing offer. In this, we just go with furniture and main luggage is given y customers and other luggage is customers responsibility.